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Animals Patterns & Designs in Wood

Decorating Home, Office, Barn or Kennel?

Horses, Donkeys & Mules  |  Dogs  |  Alpacas & Llamas

At this time, we are focusing on designs for vinyl decals and are not working in the woodshop.  If you have an interest in these items, call 740.743.0099. 

Our very own original, copyrighted designs are available as:

Detailed Woodcuts
can be used as wall art or for many art projects.

Wood Silhouettes
that are just right for house or mailbox number signs, stall name plates, farm or gate signs, gifts for club members or the animal lover you know.

to make appliques for pillows, jackets, tote bags or anything you can imagine with embroidery, painting, home decor, woodworking and crafting.

For the Home

Decorate the home with an equestrian, Western or sporting theme using our horse and dog designs.

Need something extra special for a tack trunk or stall signs?  Check out our original Horse, Donkey & Mule Designs or Alpaca & Llama Designs. 

For the Kennel

Choose a design that really stands out for your name plaques at dog shows, rally events or agility trials with these carefully-researched Dog Designs.

For the Office

Veterinarians, groomers, animals services providers:  Let your clients enjoy visual representation of the many breeds for which you care.  Decorate you office, cubicle or waiting area to let your fellow workers see a glimpse of the world you love outside of work.



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