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How It All Started

When I was a little girl I read Album of Horses by Marguerite Henry and fell in love with horses, all horses - every breed, every color, every discipline.  I read every horse book in the public and school libraries, bought every horse book I could afford.  Remember the book with pictures, text and pages of stamps to stick in the proper breed section?  Yep, I had one, too.

As to real horses, I took the parents' four-step method to horse ownership:  1) Books, 2) Breyers, 3) Riding Lessons, and finally, 4) a Real HORSE!  When I was old enough, I bought my own horses and worked for a trainer, then my life took a different direction.

Twenty-some years later, in the midst of a home and family and career, I felt the need and found the time to fall in love with horses again.  I started designing and scroll-sawing from wood little horses and more.

What a life!  Researching and designing horses, working in my wood shop and going to horse shows to sell my creations.  And what did I find at horse shows?  Dogs, of course.  I started to receive requests for little wooden dogs so I researched dogs.  What a challenge!  Horse ears and tails are pretty much the same - long ears excepted - not so with dogs.  I needed to go to dog shows to watch them and talk with dog owners about their breeds.  That is not a hardship.

In a visit to an alpaca farm to learn more about Anatolian Shepherds, I learned about alpacas.  Then I learned about llamas.

Where We Are Now

Let's fast-forward to today.  My dog, Tre, and I have learned Agility and Rally Obedience.  From those experiences, I started making Celebrate! Ribbon Displays (ribbon rails and optional attached picture frames).  Recently, Celebrate! Decals and Celebrate! Gear 2Go Racks have been added to my line of products.

I also work with Kimber Caito who created this site for me, photographs my items, edits my clumsy writing attempts and has proved to be a real friend.  She has four mini-donks, one dog pound dog and two cats.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as we enjoy making and selling products that help you decorate and accessorize your home, kennel or stable in your own personal way.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lis Smith
The Maltese Cat

Animal Patterns & Designs in Wood


At this time, we are focusing on designs for vinyl decals and are not working in the woodshop.  If you have an interest in my original animal designs - detailed woodcuts, wood silhouettes, patterns - call 740.743.0099 for more information.


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The Maltese a Horse!

"They had good reason to be proud, and better reason to be afraid," begins the book The Maltese Cat, Rudyard Kipling's tale about a "cheap lot" of polo ponies who meet "the pink and pick of the polo ponies of Upper India" in the Free-For-All-Cup.

"Money means pace and weight,' said Shiraz, rubbing his black silk nose dolefully along his neat-fitting boot, 'and by the maxims of the game as I know it - ' 'Ah, but we aren't playing the maxims,' said the Maltese Cat, 'we're playing the game...' "

What a great story of an "underdog" polo pony and his teammates whose devotion to "the game" they love enables them to work together to overcome tremendous odds.  Doesn't that remind you of the challenge of doing business today?

Naming this company "The Maltese Cat" was an appropriate association with the horses I started designing.  And though the company has grown, the teamwork and devotion to excellence in design and production has remained the same.  No, we aren't playing the "maxims" - by compromising anything.  We play "the game" - by offering quality products at a fair price with personalized customer service.