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The Maltese Cat

                            is a horse!





Arrangements have been made with


to be the exclusive retail outlet for

designs by The Maltese Cat.


Original, copyrighted

Horse, Donkey, Mule, Dog,

Alpaca & Llama

designs are available as



Wall Art

Art Projects



Gifts for Club Members

House or Mailbox Number Plates

Stall Name Plates

Farm and Gate Signs



Appliqués for Pillows,

Jackets, Tote Bags

or anything you can imagine

embroidery, painting, home décor

woodworking and craft


find our designs and more at




Book Sale

Many out-of-print, hard-to-find

titles including great selections

for animals lovers of all ages.




Celebrate! Ribbon Displays

Display hard-earned ribbons
and treasured photos.


Names, Titles & Phrases

Handcrafted in wood.  Personalized for you.



Meet the artist!  Check out the
 Calendar of Events
to see where to find The Maltese Cat's Celebrate!

handcrafted award and ribbon displays.




Words To Work by:

"... a man does not waste the trees it took God centuries to grow
in building something of no account.

"If you build, build well.
No job must be slackly done, no good material used badly.

"There is beauty in building, but build to last,
so generations yet to come will see the pride with which you worked.

"Work with honor...and build with beauty and strength."

                                                  RIVERS WEST by Louis L'Amour  



Inside has matching design & comes with a beautifully decorated envelope!

Tree-Free Greetings™

Beautiful Greeting Cards for all occasions, featuring

Horses & Wolves, Dogs & Puppies

Cats & Kittens

Individual Cards or Sets/Packages



If you are interested in starting

a greeting card business or

adding these beautiful designs

to your existing gift line, see

Tree-Free Greetings™ Business





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Visit our partner site, LongTimeAgoFarm.com, the exclusive retail outlet for horse, donkey, mule, dog, alpaca and llama designs by The Maltese Cat.



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